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Can bananas make you stronger?




Can bananas make you stronger?

Invaluable treasure of power hidden in bananas, eat bananas and become strong

Banana is the fruit that has come to give you health and strength. This is one of the best gifts of nature that can change your life. It can be used in any kind of food and drink anytime anywhere. Even if you don’t want to wean your baby, this is the best and healthiest food for your baby. If you want to make an instant energy drink for yourself, mix milk in banana, blend, take your An energy drink is ready. It is also a perfect fruit for picnics and parties etc. It is easy to peel, eat and it does not hurt your hands and feet to eat, it is easy to use, use. However, due to its nutritional value, it has a special place in fruits. It contains a lot of potassium which helps in preventing many diseases. It eliminates iodine deficiency and strengthens muscles. Yes, it has more solid nutrients and less water.

Your best friend.
It is not uncommon to be called a potassium superfruit. Banana is very useful in lowering high blood pressure. It also protects against stroke and heart attack. To control blood pressure, doctors recommend not only low salt (sodium) but also high potassium. In addition to potassium, bananas also contain fiber, vitamin C, and B6 which That is best for heart health.

Healthy source of energy:
You may have noticed that whenever you eat banana you feel strength and energy inside you. That is why people who value their beauty and fitness usually do so before their gym and workout. He likes to eat two bananas so that his energy does not decrease while working out and his blood sugar level increases. Eating a banana does not cause muscle spasms or bruising during a workout. In addition, people who get nausea while sleeping at night also get rid of that complaint.

Happiness Fruit:
Banana also relieves your depression and helps you to be happy because it contains tryptophan which is converted into serotonin which is a neurotransmitter for mood swings. That’s why you can make your mood pleasant by eating banana. This is because this fruit raises your blood sugar level and relieves your stress. In addition, pregnant women who wake up in the morning and feel unwell and unwell, also benefit from eating bananas.

Getting rid of depression:
Getting the right amount of potassium helps keep your heart rate right. And because of this your brain gets oxygen. It also helps maintain your body’s water balance and your digestive system. It also lowers your stress levels and makes you feel better.



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Make yourself smart:
Try to eat a banana before going to an exam or a presentation. The potassium level in bananas keeps you alert, fast, active and alert. Your ability to think and understand is improved. And you do your best. Get ready to

The best protector for your stomach:
The pectin and digestive enzymes in bananas remove all the acidic and heavy foods that are bothersome from digestion from your body. In case of constipation or hand, when it bothers your body, banana cures it in both cases. It not only improves your digestion but also protects your electrolytes. As a natural prebiotic and antiseptic, banana also protects against friendly bacteria and protects against gastric ulcer, heartburn and acidity.

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Diet food:
If you are trying to lose weight but you can’t control your cravings for sweets then you should go for banana sweetness. Due to which your digestion slows down a bit. And because of this you do not feel hungry again and again and the demand for food decreases.

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As a major source of vitamin A and beta carotene, bananas keep the cornea of ​​your eye clean and your eyesight clear. Eating it makes your eyesight clear.

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