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Home » Common Causes & Symptoms Of Fatigue In Woman | Fatigue Explained 

Common Causes & Symptoms Of Fatigue In Woman | Fatigue Explained 

Common Causes & Symptoms Of Fatigue In Woman | Fatigue Explained 


Common Causes & Symptoms Of Fatigue In Woman | Fatigue Explained

Causes of weakness and fatigue in young girls and its treatment

In general, young girls in every household often appear to complain of headaches and fatigue, which the household chores blame for theft or under-eating – but very few of us are aware of this. That these symptoms are actually the cause of a disease. In this disease, girls complain of headaches. Their blood pressure drops to a dangerous level and sometimes it even leads to fainting.



The symptoms of this disease are as follows: There is severe fatigue due to which one does not feel comfortable in daily activities and there is a desire to spend more time in bed. In this disease a person does not feel refreshed even after waking up from sleep and he wants to get more sleep. He has headache and stomach ache and also severe dizziness.



Scientists are researching the cause of the disease but have so far been unable to determine the exact cause – but they estimate that the disease is actually caused by an imbalance between the brain and the body, if the brain When there is a lot of stress, it has a direct effect on the physical issues, due to which the body becomes ill despite being healthy, the symptoms of which are present but the causes are not clear.


The most common of these causes is some kind of stress, such as test tension, or emotional ups and downs – in addition to hormonal changes. May be the main cause of Emotional stress after the menstrual cycle can also cause young girls to experience these symptoms during the menstrual cycle.



The best solution for treating this disease is to consult a psychiatrist instead of a doctor. At the same time, there are other things that can be helpful in this regard.

1: Positive Thinking
Cultivate positive thinking in girls, cultivate patience and gratitude in them. Eliminate materialistic thinking in them and show them ways to be happy.



2: Standard sleep
A good night’s sleep is a tonic for the human brain. It is important to try to fall asleep at the right time and then set a time to wake up so that a person can get the energy he needs from that sleep. Be helpful throughout the day.

3: Good and simple food
A balanced diet is more important for girls’ future development than boys because they have to be a mother in their future life – so keep an eye on all these factors in their food choices and such a balanced diet. Provide a diet rich in calcium, protein and vitamins. Such a diet does not have to be very expensive. Even a simple diet can provide such ingredients.

4: Avoid stress
Usually reprimands and the pressure of failure can make girls suffer from this disease. On such occasions family members can play an important role in eradicating this disease and by making their daughters feel their love and help them in this psychological process. Can relieve stress-

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