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Home » Top 11  Easy way for All Leg Pain Relief Problems, Seated – Ankle Pain, Leg Muscle Pain

Top 11  Easy way for All Leg Pain Relief Problems, Seated – Ankle Pain, Leg Muscle Pain

Top 11  Easy way for All Leg Pain Relief Problems, Seated – Ankle Pain, Leg Muscle Pain

11 things to do to get rid of leg pain

When there is pain in the legs, the veins become constricted and turn blue. They appear on the surface of the skin, but they also relate to the deep veins inside. When the legs are healthy, there is a natural valve in them. When the tension builds up or the valve becomes too tight, the blood also returns to the veins, causing the veins to swell and begin to swell on the skin.
This is usually due to old age, lack of exercise, prolonged standing or obesity. Women gain weight during pregnancy. Their legs become swollen and their gait changes.

Don’t overdo it:
Standing for a long time without any reason causes blood to accumulate in the veins and put pressure. After ten or fifteen minutes, whenever the opportunity arises, sit down and spread your legs so that blood does not accumulate in the veins.

Eat berry:
Blackberries, juicy and strawberries contain flavonoids that strengthen blood vessels. They also relieve swelling of the veins in the legs. Be sure to eat a few berries after dinner or after breakfast in the morning.

When sitting, lift your legs:
When you are watching television or sitting still for a long time, lift your legs a little so that blood does not clot in the veins. Lifting the legs increases the blood flow.

Lose weight:
If you have gained weight, try to lose less than that, it will not only make your body look beautiful but also increase the blood flow in the legs and the veins will not swell.

Don’t wear high heels:
Wearing high-heeled shoes affects the arteries and prevents the heart from pumping blood back. So we should wear sandals and shoes without high heels so that the blood flow in our legs is better.

Wear socks:
Wearing special type of socks called Commissar Stocking improves blood flow in the legs and there is no pain in the legs.

Eat Gotocola:
It is an herb that can cure leg pain and swelling.

Eat oak seeds:
Eating the seeds obtained from the oak tree eliminates the swelling of the veins of the legs, creates strength in the veins of the legs and removes the heaviness of the legs.

Do not put pressure on the intestines:
When pressure is applied to the intestines in the toilet, the veins of the legs are also affected and there is pain. Try to keep your intestines clean, avoid constipation, eat fiber foods and drink plenty of water.

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