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Vitamins and Supplements for Cancer Patients

Vitamins and Supplements for Cancer Patients



Vitamins and Supplements for Cancer Patients


Each year a number of people in America are being diagnosed with different types of cancer. Hospital treatments and doctor consultation are there to help one get through it. But the medication fights only the hazardous cells in the body. It’s very important to have a strong immune system in such a condition to prevent the attack of other diseases. For this one may have supplements and vitamins to boost the strength of immune system, making possible the quick recovery. You must discuss first with your doctor about taking any mineral, vitamin, fiber or fatty acid.

=> Artemesia
This herb is considered a best replacement of chemotherapy as a cancer killer. Cancer cells contain much high amount of iron and Artemesia reacts with those specific overloaded cells. Though no side effects has been reported still one must not overdose without an experts’ advice. It is very safe to use with water, easily crosses the blood-brain barrier, soluble in lipids & oils. Previously Artemesia has also been used in treating malaria.

=> Vitamin D
In the United States residents the average dietary consumption of vitamin D is below the standard level. Levels of sunlight in Southern latitude are higher than the Northern latitudes, so likely is the case with vitamin D consumption in individuals. According to research studies, vitamin D is associated with low risk of developing cancer by slowing down the cancer cells formation process, reducing tumor shunts formation, and triggering the death of cancerous cells.

=> Antioxidants
Cancer cells form due to free radical chain process in the presence of free oxygen molecules. Antioxidant protect body cells form this damage. Our body can make some of them only, exogenous kind is required in the form of food or supplements. Dietary antioxidants are beta-carotenes, vitamin A, C & E, grape-seeds (very rich antioxidant source) and proteins containing selenium. Other sources are fruits, vegetables, & grains. Smoker cancer patients must consult with doctor about taking antioxidants to avoid any worse outcome.

=> Garlic
There is a high level of association in raw or cooked garlic consumption and reduced chances of cancer. It contains arginine, flavonoids, oligosaccharides, selenium and high amount of sulphur.Garlic supplements, such as garlic powder, garlic oil macerate, and garlic extract, are readily accessible in supermarkets. It prevents cancer by inhibiting the creation of cancer-causing chemicals, acting as an antibacterial agent, repairing damaged DNA, or forcing infectious cells to die. Excessive garlic consumption can cause allergic reactions, and it can also cause blood sugar levels to drop and insulin levels to rise.





=> Green Tea
Green tea is quite effective for the patients who have been newly diagnosed with cancer, advanced patients who has had undergone many radiations, surgery or chemotherapies it may not work potentially. Without effecting the healthy cells, its micronutrients in the form of polyphenol halts the growth of cancer cells, killing them afterwards by disrupting their metabolism. More the consumption of green tea more will be the cancer suppression.

=> Iron
Iron supplement is required for those patients only having a low level than a standard amount. It is needed by the DNA in cells at the time of new healthy cells formation, so a deficiency onsets the abnormal cell production. But too much high amount can itself be carcinogenic if took in excessively. May iron supplements are available which noticeably improve the fatigue caused by anemic condition. Poultry, fish and red meat the best source of heme kind of iron, readily absorbed by the body while non-heme kind of iron is found in vegetables & fruits. Patients at a later stage of disease must take iron supplement after consultation.

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